Been a while

What a horrible job I have been doing in maintaining my blog folks, and for that I apologize.   Been keeping at it, 25lb gone now, over 270k walked and hiked since my last post, almost 700 floors climbed.  Been doing ok.

BUT I haven’t been running yet, I also haven’t been eating as clean as I could be.  Summer maybe, or a lack of focus, a little of both?  Either way a little clarity and re-commitment to the goal is needed.  To that end a rather fortunate thing happened, dear wife just got me a 3 month gym renewal.  Now I HAVE to go or she will kill me, a little wife fear, its amazing motivation!!

Many moon ago I did the Bill Phillips Body for Life program with great results.  I was looking at doing that again when I came across his Back to Fit program…. Back to Fit…  sounds like its tailor made huh?

Here’s the program.

So tomorrow is Day 1.

I will post starting weight and measurements in the morrow, as well as a couple of before pictures, shirt on folks, don’t be scared!!

I will also post results of each workout.

This will keep me on the straight and narrow.


Harder than it was

Bogging is harder than it used to be, just from a time to do it perspective.  I formulate these nice long, thoughtful blog posts as I hike around and I get excited about getting home and getting it posted.

Then life happens….

I guess I should be happy that its only my blogging that is taking the hit.  All else has been going very very well indeed.  Weight continues to drop, kilometers continue to rise and it looks as if I am in this for the long haul!

I have completed day 1 and day 2 of the Couch to 5K program and it went well.  Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

So, about the blogging.

Here’s what I am going to do.

There are 50 weeks to the Tely10.

I will be making a post EVERY Sunday from now till the run.

I can manage that.

It will help keep me honest as well.

That is for now!  I’ll try and get back with some picture from the hikes I took this past week or so in the next couple of day!

Mini rant

fatblogSo I remember now why I like blogging, gives me a chance to hash out some stuff and get it out of my system lol.

So hey, you know, things have been pretty good, BP down, more active, eating right, 23 or so lbs gone, noticeable improvements across the board.  I was feeling pretty good about the direction I was going in.

Then yesterday happened.

Myself and the family went to St. John’s for a little shopping trip and to visit some friends.  I didn’t bother to bring a sweater with me, it was decently warm when we left Clarenville.  Its started to rain and the temperature was dropping, the wife and I decided we would pick up a cheap hoodie for me to wear once we got in there.

Folks I went to about 5 stores, tried on about 6-7 XXL hoodies and not ONE of them fit.  In fact, they were tighter than a couple of the XL hoodies I have at home.  I’m not just talking snug either, I am talking sausage roll, I am talking the boa before it ate the prey snug.  It was down right disheartening.

Why oh why do they do that with sizes??  Why is an XXL bought at the same place never the same size???  Talk about deflating.  I felt like all this hard work, all the positive steps I had taken and I STILL can’t buy a friggin’ piece of clothing at a regular retail???

Look, I know I am still not small.  I likely never will be “small”, that’s not my point.  My point is that if you were XXL, you should be able to wear ANY XXL.  If you wore and fit into XXL at 300lbs, you would think you would fit in XXL at 277lbs??

It’s done now, the next time I am shopping for a hoodie XXL shouldn’t be an issue,  I am hopeful that XL will be fine.  My issue is why can’t they make the sizing a little more consistent??  I have some theories as to why the sizing is as it is, from overseas designers making the sizes fit their averages, to some chains just not wanting to cater to a “larger” clientele.  How about you?  Theories?

p.s. that’s not me in the image lol, though it could be!

Fit Bit

A quick one this morning.  I won’t always be posting my Fitbit information, but from time to time I will, and I will ALWAYS post my weekly summary.

I use a FitBit Blaze and I absolutely love it.  The most interesting thing to me, is that in the 3 weeks or so since I have had it, my Resting Heart Rate has dropped from a high of 64 to a low of 56.  I am pleased with this, for me this is a leading indicator of the progress I am making.

FitBit helps, but like any tool, it only helps if you use it.

Here is my weekly recap….



Overall a pretty good week.  I expect some increases next week as I intend to start the Couch to 5k program in anticipation of running a 5k locally in September.

Here we go again!

So folks, maybe you’ve been here before, and by here I mean a blog of mine.  I could also mean, certainly, that you’ve been where I am now as well.

Well beyond the point of “ok”.

I am a fat man, and despite having very short periods in my life where I wore the skin of a thin man, I remained a fat man.  I have lost, I have gained so many times I have refered to myself as the ultimate yo-yo.  About 2-3 months ago I discovered I was not only fat again, but I was very unhealthy.  My blood pressure was up, my cholesterol was up, stress was up, I wasn’t sleeping, I had no energy, I was moody…

It was NOT a good place to be.

I was 300 pounds…. again….

Well, I had enough.  I actually did something I always put off and sought medical help.  I was given a prescription for blood pressure meds and I put myself back into control of my habits.  I started tracking what I was eating, I got into hiking again and I forced myself out the door and moved my ass.

I am happy to report that my blood pressure is now normal, I am sleeping again, still not enough, but MUCH better than I was.  I am eating well, and I am putting up major kilometers on the hiking trails.

Oh, and I have lost over 20 lbs…


So all is going very well.

It’s time to set my sights on a goal.  For me, right now, its to run the Tely 10 once again.

I ran it 2 years in a row and sadly have not the past two years and boy did I ever pay the price.

This space is for stats, tracking, talking, writing about my successes and my failures as I train this coming year.

Tomorrow I will have a list of goals and targets and I would ask that you, if you are reading this, help keep me honest and on track with these goals.

That’s about all for now.  I expect to post at least a little something every day and I invite you to comment and chat!


p.s.  first posts are clumsy devils lol